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Introducing The Bucket Plan®

Helping you keep together what has taken you a life time to put together.

Financial stability and ensuring you have sufficient money to live well through retirement is our primary goal.

In volatile times, we believe everyone should have a solid plan for dealing with risk now and in the future.

That’s why at OneTeam Financial we embrace The Bucket Plan® philosophy to help our clients create a sound retirement, free of worry, stress, and confusion.

The Bucket Plan® utilizes a three-bucket approach to structure your assets to provide reliable income when you need it and to grow your money over long-term horizons to battle inflation throughout your retirement.

Our Bucket Plan strategy creates a practical and sensible financial plan for your retirement years based on your investment time horizon, volatility tolerance, and income needs.

Our widely accepted process provides you with deep insights into your financial life and reveals a big-picture view of your finances.  Most importantly this effective planning process helps to mitigate the sequence of return risk, one of the greatest dangers for retirees.

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The Money Cycle

The Bucket Plan® addresses the three distinct phases of the Money Cycle

Phases of Retirement

Watch this video to understand the many benefits of The Bucket Plan® Planning Process.



Saving, investing, and building your proverbial nest egg.



Helps remove market performance from the quality of life equation by preserving money you may or will need during the early years of retirement.

Our strategic efforts work to guard against what we believe are the three biggest dangers for retirees:



Here, we place the focus on your account balances, so you can enjoy your well-deserved retirement years.

Our Bucket Plan Philosophy

Client Centered

Goal: Fund emergencies/unplanned expenses; major short-term planned expenses; and one year of income

Goal: Provide ready, reliable income over a 10-year period

Goal: provide long-term growth and legacy planning money.

Our Effective Financial Tools

To achieve our clients’ financial goals, we utilize effective and innovative tools to help you make the most optimum strategic decisions about your tax planning and investments.

These include:

THE ASSET SHEET QUESTIONNAIRE to help obtain a thorough understanding of your financial situation.

THE INCOME GAP ASSESSMENT  to determine if there will be a retirement income deficit or excess in your life. We can then calculate how much money you will need for day-to-day retirement and where that money will come from.

THE VOLATILITY TOLERANCE ANALYSIS is used to determine your attitude about risk and volatility in the “soon” and “later” time frames. We can then create a customized Bucket Plan that stays within your comfort zone while helping you reach your long-term growth goals.

THE BUCKET PLAN® SCORECARD is used to help pinpoint any areas of your financial plan that need improvement today.  We then utilize that information to make any necessary plan adjustments.

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Download The Bucket Plan® eBook