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Insurance and Risk Management

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Although the trade-off of premium costs and benefits of insurance can be difficult to navigate, life insurance and private long-term care insurance options can alleviate your family of the significant financial burden and safeguard your loved ones during an unexpected event. Our specialists will assess all your insurance needs to uncover potential liabilities, reveal underutilized opportunities, and develop a risk management strategy that helps ensure you and your family are getting the maximum value and the greatest preservation of your investment now and in the future. Periodically evaluating your life insurance is important to help ensure you are properly covered and at a reasonable cost. Our complimentary Comprehensive Policy Review (CPR) analyzes your policy’s performance and determines if it is:

  • Performing as/or better than expected
  • Underperforming, but can be adjusted
  • Requires policy remediation

We also offer a complimentary, comprehensive independent life insurance review that identifies how well your policy is performing compared to similar policies in the marketplace. Think Morningstar for life insurance. If needed, our consultants seek to reduce premiums without sacrificing your coverage or maintain your premium with an increase in coverage. Our goal is to ensure your life insurance is efficient and adapts to your life and goals.

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End-to-End Holistic Financial Planning

From income replacement and exposure to life-altering medical costs to family asset transfer strategies, our OneTeam Financial insurance specialists will review the following as a part of your complete holistic financial plan:

  • Life Insurance Audit
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Risk Mitigation
  • Funeral policies/beneficiary liquidity

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