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Financial Wellness

Understanding Sophisticated Strategies as Simple Solutions

At OneTeam Financial we offer comprehensive financial wellness programs that deliver impactful and user-friendly financial education.

Businesses utilize our programs as an additional benefit offered to employees to equip them with the knowledge for a sound financial future.

Our programs are also designed for CPAs, attorneys, women’s groups, physicians, and other associations to offer financial education as a value-added benefit for clients and donors.

Our broad-based financial wellness program brings the wisdom of our firm’s top financial specialists and the important insights of our nationally respected financial partners directly to you and those in your community and networks in an engaging and easy-to-understand turnkey program.

Strategically designed to address retirees’ most sought-after answers, we offer a roadmap to help thousands plan for their hard-earned, well-deserved retirement years.

The OneTeam Financial Wellness Program offers live in-person and online presentations that can be customized for a broad range of audiences.

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Our customizable programs are provided by nationally recognized financial specialists and thought leaders on a variety of topics including estate & tax planning, social security and life insurance

Primary Areas

Tax Planning

Is Your Retirement Safe from the Tax Man? Tax Planning In An Uncertain Environment

Social Security

Strategies to Help Maximize Benefits


Medicare Makeover - A Change in Times Requires a Change in Plans for your Family

Long-Term Care

Preserving Your Most Important Assets: Your Family & Portfolio

Life Insurance

Money from Uncle Sam
Life Insurance in the Client’s Best Interest
Private Placement Strategies

Estate Planning

Preserving & Maximizing    Your Estate
How to grow, preserve & distribute your wealth in the most tax efficient way.

Specialty Areas

Business Placement Life Insurance (PPLI)

Estate Planning

Charitable Gifting Strategies

Executive Benefits

Business Exit and Succession Planning


Cyber Security

Preparing Young Professionals for a Prosperous Financial Future

Financial Literacy for Parents

Discover how our industry-leading presentations can offer valuable retirement insights for your colleagues, clients, employees, donors, and members.

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