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Employee Benefit

How to provide competitive Employee Benefit offerings

In today’s competitive job market, offering a robust benefits package is essential. As a business owner, human capital is your greatest asset in a fast-moving economy. Our advisors at OneTeam Financial help you tailor a benefits package that meets your company’s needs and attracts top talent. Our experience in ERISA laws allows us to advise you on best practices and support your human resources team throughout the year. We provide advice and direction on multiple areas of employee benefits.

  • Selecting an online enrollment platform
  • Choosing health, life, dental and disability insurance plans
  • Partnering with third-party vendors for yearly documentation preparation
  • Offering a dedicated support team to answer any questions your employees may have
  • Acting as an advocate for employers and employees
  • Introducing tax-favored options for healthcare expenses, such as health savings accounts (HSAs) & flexible spending accounts (FSAs)

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